J.W. Burmester (en)

Although 1750 is considered the official founding year, Burmester can be traced back to the year 1730 and is thus one of the oldest port wine exporters. The Burmesters originally came from Mölln in Schleswig-Holstein, where they held the office of mayor for generations ("Burgmeester"). A member of a family branch who emigrated to England came to Porto at the beginning of the 18th century and founded the company Burmester, Nash & Cia. with the Englishman John Nash. On 13 December 1834 Johann Wilhelm Burmester, coming from Hamburg, landed in Porto to take over the fate of the house, especially as the English family was childless and had retreated to England after the Napoleonic invasion of the Iberian peninsula. In 1861 the company got the name J.W. Burmester & Cia.
On New Year's Eve 1991, the family bought the Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, the first winery in the 250-year history of the company. However, the old supply contracts with Douro winegrowers, some of which have existed for generations, were not terminated. Rather, they now also had wines from an A-classified site that they could control themselves.
At the end of October 1999 Burmester was sold to the Portuguese Amorim Group - the world's largest cork producer - and in 2005 - without Quinta Nova - taken over by Sogevinus Holding.

Burmester is one of the top producers of Tawny Ports. Especially the Colheitas (vintage stawnys) are the speciality of the house and are awarded regularly all over the world.

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